The major activities of the IGWG are gender capacity-building, advocacy, and the development of operational tools (see a complete listing of IGWG products, services, and contacts in Appendix 3 or at This Manual is a companion to the Guide for Incorporating Gender Considerations in USAID’s Family Planning and Reproductive Health RFAs and RFPs, developed chiefly for USAID program managers. The Manual complements the Guide by orienting program designers, managers, and technical staff on how to integrate gender issues into program design, implementation, and evaluation. The Manual promotes greater understanding of how gender relations and identities affect the capacity of individuals and groups to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health, and to negotiate and obtain better RH outcomes. Users of the Manual will learn how to harness an increased awareness of gender considerations for the design, implementation, and evaluation of more effective programs.

This 2009 edition incorporates updated tools and approaches to gender integration in USAID programs. The IGWG offers the Manual as a tool to be used, adapted, and improved through its application in the hope that users of the Manual will move from a commitment to integrating gender considerations in the design of programs to concrete actions to promote gender equity in programs and policies. Feedback on the Manual and suggestions for strengthening it are welcome, and should be addressed to

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