Human and Institutional Capacity Development

Cultural Practice, LLC training programs equip development practitioners and technical experts with the capacity and confidence to tailor programs and interventions to specific contexts, fostering more equitable outcomes. CP regularly designs and facilitates gender and other sectoral capacity building workshops for clients and partners in the U.S. and overseas. Workshops prepare participants to effectively incorporate gender and social inclusion into program design, implementation, analysis, monitoring, and evaluation, with topics ranging from preventing gender-based violence to integrating women into agricultural value chains.

CP also provides gender audit services to help organizations identify and understand gender patterns in both their management and policies, as well as their programs and services. Audits identify critical gender gaps and challenges and suggest improvements and innovations to address these disparities. Whether your organization is taking its first step to address gender-related issues in programs or in the workplace or has an established commitment to gender integration, we can help you get where you want to go.

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Policy Analysis and Strategy Development

Cultural Practice, LLC works with donors, research groups, NGOs, and government agencies across sectors to develop effective policies, refocus strategic priorities, and adapt programs and interventions to meet the evolving challenges of the 21st century. We have advised clients reviewing and evaluating gender and social inclusion policies, and strengthening the integration of gender into their program strategies and grants.

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Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Cultural Practice, LLC designs and conducts rigorous assessments and evaluations across a wide variety of sectors, helping to assess performance, identify lessons learned, and disseminate best practices to improve future programs. CP utilizes a mixed-methods approach, collecting both qualitative and quantitative data to provide a holistic analysis, and paying attention to gender-sensitive indicators. CP conducts mid-term and final project evaluations; portfolio, sector, and institutional assessments; and develops performance monitoring plans.

CP was the prime contractor on the USAID Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning’s Office of Learning, Evaluation and Research (PPL/LER) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, providing evaluation, monitoring, and assessment services at the mission, bureau, and agency-wide level worldwide. CP won two task orders under the IDIQ, encompassing three different evaluation branches.

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Knowledge Management

Cultural Practice, LLC believes in making information accessible. We help capture, analyze, and organize knowledge gleaned from programs, and develop innovative methods to share, transfer, adapt, and scale this data both within and beyond the organization. CP also develops effective knowledge-sharing platforms to improve learning opportunities.

Examples of our work include the Digest Project, a data and knowledge management platform collating 30+ years of training, project information, and publications from USAID’s former Land-Grant University-led Collaborative Research Support Programs (CRSPs), now known as the Feed the Future Collaborative Research Innovation Labs. CP also led the development and design of the USAID Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG) Gender and Health K4Health Toolkit, a website housing “how-to” resources on gender and health.

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Recognizing the critical role of evidence in development programming, Cultural Practice, LLC works to strengthen the connections between research, policy, and practice across sectors. Better integration of gender research at the policy and programming levels is essential to achieving inclusive, sustainable development outcomes. CP’s cutting-edge research helps clients better understand the sociocultural contexts in which they operate, as well as the benefits of addressing identified gender inequalities and social inclusion challenges.

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To translate rigorous research and best practices, Cultural Practice, LLC develops innovative toolkits that allow users to replicate data collection and analysis processes, and continue learning and improving their work long after trainings or workshops end.

Examples of our work include the Gender Analysis Toolkit for Health Systems, created in partnership with Jhpiego; the Assessing How Agricultural Technologies Can Change Gender Dynamics and Food Security Outcomes toolkit, developed within the USAID-funded INGENAES project; and the Gender Equity for the Coffee Value Chain engagement guide, funded by the Global Coffee Platform. CP was also the lead technical partner in the development of USAID’s first gender and agricultural value chain analysis methodology and training program, Promoting Gender Equitable Opportunities in Agricultural Value Chains: A Handbook.

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