A major focus of the IGWG has been on gender education, advocacy, and the development of operational tools (see a complete listing of IGWG products, services, and contact information in Appendix 3). This Gender Integration Manual was developed as a companion to the Guide for Incorporating Gender Considerations in USAID’s Family Planning and Reproductive Health RFPs and RFAs. The Guide was developed chiefly for USAID program managers and designers of new programs. The Manual complements the Guide by orienting program managers and technical staff on how to integrate gender concerns into program design, implementation, and evaluation. The Manual promotes greater understanding of how gender relations and identities affect individuals’ and groups’ capacity to negotiate and obtain better RH/HIV/AIDS decisions and outcomes. Users of the Manual will learn how t harness an increased awareness of gender considerations for the design, implementation, and evaluation of more effective programs that strengthen the ability of participants to make informed choices about their sexual relations and reproductive health.

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