USAID/Egypt is in the process of preparing a bridge strategy that will transition it from the end of its current strategy to its next phase, which is under discussion with the Government of Egypt. As part of this transition, the Office of Health and Population requested a gender assessment to inform their new programs. This gender assessment was prepared to examine how gender had been integrated into three of the Mission’s programs: Health Systems 20/20 (Abt Associates), Takamol (Pathfinder International), and Communication for Healthy Living (Johns Hopkins University/Center for Communications Programs) and suggest ways to improve gender integration in the future. The gender assessment team also conducted two half-day gender trainings for the health and population team.

This report provides information on key issues on gender and health in Egypt as they relate to the Mission’s program. It synthesizes information from personal interviews and meetings conducted during two weeks in country, an extensive review of project documents, and data sources and literature on health and gender relations in Egypt. As requested by the Mission, the team provided both program-specific and more general analysis and recommendations to provide USAID with the parameters to more effectively integrate gender in its programs and to address gender inequalities at a policy level.

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