These Guidelines have been prepared with joint consultation between US university partners and USAID to provide a framework for managing the CRSPs. They build on previous versions of such Guidelines and have been updated to reflect the changes in the Title XII legislation as amended in October 2000 as well as changes in USAID. Although only advisory, the Guidelines offer direction to both USAID staff and US and Host Country institutional partners involved in CRSPs about the preferred policies and procedures for implementing a CRSP program. The Guidelines are based on nearly thirty years of experience with CRSP management. Each CRSP is encouraged to draw on the Guidelines to address its own specialized circumstances, e.g., its partners, its degree of program maturity, and its priority world regions for research.

The Guidelines briefly describe both the CRSP approach and the current context for agricultural research and development within USAID. The roles and responsibilities of the many institutions involved in the CRSP program are outlined. Alternatives for establishing advisory and oversight bodies for the CRSP are described. A section on implementation of the CRSP outlines key provisions for administering the assistance agreements between USAID and US as well as Host Country institutions is included. This section addresses financial management, training, and required reviews and evaluations. Additional information on these topics as well as other background information is provided in the appendices.

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